About us

We love the rock n roll lifestyle and technology, so few live it and yet so many envy it. With the popular genre of biographies and autobiographies getting bigger and better, many bands and rock n’ rollers are putting their history to paper for all of us to read. We get to read all about how it began, how they started out back in the day all the way up to how successful they have been. But of course all stories are not so straight forward, many involve tough times, hard work and so much dedication.

We at Rock n Roll Books want to share some of the best stories out there of some of the best rockstars and bands around. One of our favourite ones to read is the Slash biography. But the list could go on. Every week or so we will publish a new article about a book we’ve found and would like to share with you.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading these Rock n Roll Books as much as we have.