Fifty Years Of The Rolling Stones

05/26/2018 - Music
Fifty Years Of The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is a book about a rock band which was formed in 1962. The book, which was published in 2012 focuses on the life of the band members. it exposes the hidden life of the band. Members who formed the group are Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie watts and Ian Stewart. New members have been left the group or died, and have been replaced by new ones. This band is the most popular band in the world. This is after over two thousand tours and concerts around the world.

For Standford to give accurate occurrence of the drama which happened at the core of the Rolling Stones, he carried out interviews with the band members. He also went ahead and interviewed their family members and the group’s fans. He also examined their FBI files which remain unreleased. Before the formation of the Rolling Stones, Jagger was a bright young man who was planning a career in the civil service. Richards on the other hand was learning how to smoke.

In the 1960 and 1970s the group was being admired for their creativity and a salacious lifestyle. They were never expected to reach their thirties. They are now comfortably in their seventies. This makes them not only the most controversial band but also the longest serving one. This book focuses on the clever innovation. It also exposes opportunism of talent, good fortune sex and self-seductiveness that made the stone who they are. They started by performing in small tours of Northern America and United Kingdom. They played in both small and medium sized venues. Their audiences was composed of screaming girls. They preferred rotating between North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Their audience kept growing both in number and density. They started performing in big arenas.

Christopher Sandford’s book is about this group. He followed them through fifty years. He brings out a clear image of how the group members found themselves captives of the world they thought they would change with their demand for satisfaction, and their blasting amps. Their main idea was to bring about a change in the world. They wanted to transform the entire world. Jagger for instance claimed to have a chemical which would blow up the world while he was a young boy. Marianne Faithful also commented that she wished to see the fall of humanity. The stone was however a group of middle class young people with no intention of bringing any change to the world.

The stone succeeded in stirring riots. They successfully stirred up the riot at Altamont outside San Francisco in 1969. At first the stone boasted of sponsoring classless Britain. They bought their country estates from aristocrats. The book’s recurring motif is the rivalry between Richards and Jagger. They unique sound of the stone may be from the collaboration of their music style. Standford clearly sympathizes how Richards emerges glorious while Jagger shrink-ed to a satyr. Christopher Stanford has also published various biographies, they include that of Kurt Cobain Steve McQueen,Eric Clapton among others.