PrimaTech Paper — am I the Only One Crazy Enough to Visit This Site?

05/22/2018 - Technology
PrimaTech Paper — am I the Only One Crazy Enough to Visit This Site?

How primatech’s one small change divided the tech world in half

This is barely in the tech field … because it involves a web site and text messages … but close enough for me to blog about it. I’m a big fan of Heroes, and during episode 12, “Godsend” my wife and I saw Nathan Petrelli pass Mohinder Suresh a business card … with Primatech Paper’s web site on it.

This launched the “Heroes 360 Experience“. By going to the web site and applying for a job you sign up for emails from characters, or by text messaging the word “APPLY” to cell number 46622 you sign up to receive text messages from Primatech.

I’ve been sent information on secret files accessible on the web site (though sometimes the messages were not clear enough — meaning they goofed — and I had to figure out how to really log in), text messages with codes and logins, etc. etc.

Today I received a text message about the Linderman Group’s Las Vegas casino web site, which includes some casual games and information. Likely I’ll get some more information about secrets hidden on the site later.

But my question still applies: my friends like the show, but I seem to be the only one nutty enough to have signed up for all this. Is anyone else as crazy as me?